October 19th, 2005


Busy working on fonts for Esperanto

I'm likely to be preoccupied for a while because I am writing software
for installing TrueType fonts for use with TeX, and making them nice
for Esperanto.

My idea is to use a virtual font that does two things:

* Provide a dotless j, if necessary. Requires a font containing the
dotless j character.

* Provide Esperanto-accented letters. This requires only that the
font have a circumflex and a breve. The virtual font will be
programmed to draw a composite character—which, I have
discovered, is tedious to do by hand, but not difficult.

The most tedious part might be simply kern values, even if they are
just duplicates of the kerns for dotted or unaccented equivalents. I
would like to automate the task. So far I have a scsh script that can
install a TrueType font 'as is'.

My hands are starting to punish me, of course. It's not a long-term
task, the punishment will pass.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Who wins the pot?

I have for quite long and during most of that time given Patrick
Fitzgerald's investigation as the most likely thing to bring down the
Bushist regime. I chuckled at those who figured Fitzgerald's job was
to whitewash; I maintained, instead, the John Ashcroft had thrown Bush
and company to the wolves. I suggested that Dick Cheney likely would
be implicated. And so on.

In coming weeks, we will see who was right. Whoever that is likely has
in his or her head a better model of what's going on.

We also will see, at some point, whether or not Bush issues pardons. I
have no opinion about that.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

More turncoating

Jeralyn Merritt regarding the apparent squealing of one David Wurmser,
and also the incentive of these turncoats to lie:

The possible prison time faced here is an order of magnitude greater
than than it was in Watergate, so there is strong incentive to
rat. (Besides, snitching can get you a plasma TV in your prison