October 25th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

I'm confused

I'm not sure how David Wurmser's involvement mixes in with story that
Lewis Libby was told about Valerie 'Flame' by Darth Cheney. I'm sure
it's all being kind of smoothed down, losing the details, by the rock
tumbler that is tenth-hand recounting.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The way the picture is working out

Alright, hopefully we'll find out what's right, what's wrong, and what
facts we are missing. In the meanwhile:

It seems likely that the forged Niger document was a joint operation
of the Bushist and crypto-Fascist Berlusconi regimes. CIA was bypassed
and instead people like Condoleezza Rice's deputy, Stephen Hadley,
dealt directly.

The Italian reports apparently make it sound as if this was a
Berlusconi operation to gain the favor of the Bushists. I don't think
so. I think that's disinformation. Here's why.

What are we talking about? We are talking about obviously phony
documents printed on stolen letterhead. Randi Rhodes says stealing
letterhead was something Karl Rove did in college. And I say that it
is one of Karl Rove's techniques to give people correct information
wrapped in falsehoods, as a way to discredit the correct
information. This was done to Jim Hatfield, when Karl Rove told him
about Bush's cocaine abuse, as a way to innoculate Bush in case the
facts should ever pop up again. This was done to Dan Rather. And I
think it was done here. I think the plan was devised by Karl Rove and
the Cheney gang and carried out with help of Italian crypto-Fascists.

Except I am not sure I understand why in this case the documents were
made so fake, except perhaps because that's how Rove has always done
things. Perhaps the Bushists 'thought' it would prevent any serious
inquiries into where the documents came from. Come to 'think' of it,
that's pretty much how it worked out for the Dan Rather documents.

Rove and the others made a terrible personal mistake, however: they
went after Joseph and Valerie Wilson, which is sort of like going
after James Bond or Batman.

As for why the CIA sent Joseph Wilson to Niger, apparently it was due
to some kind of misunderstanding, where Lord Cheney wished for
something 'evil' and CIA thought he wanted the 'good'
equivalent. However, I wasn't listening closely to the explanation,
which I think was Ray McGovern speaking to Randi Rhodes.

This is all very bad, very bad.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


I can't properly focus my left eye, due to a cluster-style attack last
night, and the triptan pill, which I took for a migraine headache, is
making me woozy. Actually that's a good thing, because when it doesn't
work I don't get the adverse effects, either. My head feels pretty
good, except for that left eye.

On the other hand, my program for converting ordinary TrueType fonts
to TeX virtual fonts with Esperanto support is functional. It's the
first substantial program I've written in scsh (or any other Lisp
dialect). I need the same thing for PostScript and PostScript-flavored
OpenType fonts, but the differences should be fairly minor.

(I say 'substantial', but it's not a big program. I can't type that
much, after all.)