October 30th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

La tagvorto estas usone aktuala! / The word of the day is topical in the U.S.!

La vorto de la tago estas 'konvikti'. :)

The word of the day is 'to convict'. :)

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Pruvi per certaj montroj, ke iu estas kulpa:

Ili konviktis lin pri tiu krimo.
Mi estis konviktita pri murdo.
Konvikto per cirkonstancoj estas tre malfirma.
Konviktaj montroj estis evidentaj.

- ----- End forwarded message -----
Apollo 8 earthrise

These quiz pix tend to be broken

Why are all these quiz pictures broken? They don't include width and height specs, so browsers can't reserve space for them before drawing. Then rendering the pictures changes the locations of text! Here I've inserted the missing numbers.


You are the Minstrel, the
artistic and introspective personalitys in
fantasy. Minstrels can range from court bards
to wandering performers willing to play their
instruments or sing in any inn they come upon
just to earn some money. Minstrels are very
creative and are naturally artistic. They are
often deep, quiet, and philosophical. Their
thoughts and ideas can be very profound.
Minstrels usually have a way with words or
music. These artists see the beauty around us
or delve within themselves and produce
something new that is truly

Color: Azure
Gem: Sapphire


Who would you be if you were a character in an epic fantasy? (beautiful pictures)
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(I like how I look, too.)