November 13th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The Blog | Brad Friedman: The Staggeringly Impossible Results of Ohio's '05 Election | The Huffingto

This does seem strange—

Updated 'thoughts': While it does seem strange, this could be one of those cases where a lot of people draw conclusions by excluding information. What sort of last minute advertising was there in Ohio?

One that really gets me is the theory that Paul Wellstone was murdered and then the vote was rigged against Mondale. If you had seen the Mondale/Coleman of 'Evil' sham 'debate', you'd understand why Mondale lost. He looked and sounded older than his years, and he treated Coleman of 'Evil' like a spoiled child (which is too generous), while Coleman of 'Evil' pretended humanity. As for Wellstone's death, they were landing in sleet with what we later learned was a seriously incompetent pilot who had never landed in such conditions. If you ignore all that, and if you think flying an airplane is easy, then of course you can wonder whether Wellstone was murdered.

The illegitimacy of unsupervised, black box elections is another thing, of course. Our government is illegitimate relative to modern standards. Canada has a legitimate government; we do not.