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November 17th, 2005

XML interface of ConTeXt

It's really convenient that ConTeXt has an XML interface. This way I can use <tags> and &entities; instead of conventional \TeX\ notation, making it easy to convert the stuff to HTML directly. I could even write directly in HTML, but sticking to the more stringent syntax standards of XML.

Writing an XML interface in TeX isn't exactly my idea of fun. I'm still kind of baffled by TeX, even after all these years (of somewhat occasional use).
Sidney Blumenthal, speaking of Bush:

The turn against him in public opinion has been slowly considered and is therefore also firm.

See http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1644142,00.html

Internacia Televido

See http://internacia.tv

It might be fine for Windows and perhaps also Mac users, not counting bandwidth problems. I have had limited success in GNU/Linux. The GNU/Linux instructions sort of work, but I haven't figured out, for example, a way to use kmplayer or kplayer. Admittedly they are minimal wrapper programs. Mplayer and gmplayer I can sort of use but, even with that, bare mplayer is no fun, and gmplayer is so sucky user-interface-wise that it redefines the meaning of 'to suck'.

For the vignette samples some months ago, it worked nicely with the Konqueror kmplayer plug-in, but now that doesn't work so well. It works, just not very well. Disappointing, although in general multimedia isn't a GNU/Linux strength yet.

Also disappointing is when a typeface doesn't include a breve mark, even when it does include a circumflex. Fortunately, if willing to settle for the 'geezer' look, a desperate person can substitute the breve mark from a similar typeface, much as we used to substitute 'l' for '1' on our typewriters. Of course in English you don't need a breve mark for much of anything, even if you are The New Yorker.
If you run KDE and have kmplayer installed, this might be a better way to play Internacia Televido than the one given at the ITV website: 'konqueror mms://www.interrogacaodigital.com/stream/itv/'

I found this command by trial and error.

(It looks as if we aren't going to get a lot of programming unless we pitch cash at the effort. I'm not suggesting one do so.)

Por la KDE-uzanto eble estas pli bone plenumi la komandon 'konqueror mms://www.interrogacaodigital.com/stream/itv/' ol la komandon sugestitan ĉe la retpaĝaro.

Mi malkovris mian komandon per provo kaj eraro.

(Tamen ni ne jam akiris multe da programoj. Mi ne petas iun ajn pri donado de mono, sed ni ja ricevas kiel ni donas. Mi nur montras la ŝajnajn faktojn.)

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