November 23rd, 2005

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The Gettysburg Address as transparent PNGs

For your use and enjoyment, three versions of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, as transparent PNGs.

This great speech is a model for how to write. If we are not making our point, in our writing, then perhaps it is not that we have said too little, but that we expect words to do too much. We should not induce an expectation in the reader's 'mind' that the words will achieve that which they cannot. Maybe say only what correctly directs the reader's attention.

The Gettysburg Address (adapted from the 'Nicolay' draft) The Gettysburg Address (adapted from the 'Nicolay' draft)

This draft might have been what Lincoln read from at Gettysburg.
The Gettysburg Address (adapted from the 'Hay' draft) The Gettysburg Address (adapted from the 'Hay' draft)

Lincoln probably wrote this draft not long after returning to Washington from Gettysburg.
The Gettysburg Address (adapted from the 'Bliss' copy) The Gettysburg Address (adapted from the 'Bliss' copy)

Lincoln wrote in the date, but I leave it out, because this late version is somewhat removed from the event.

Exclamation point

My disappointment

Did you ever order a CD, wait about two weeks while the CD creeps through the bowels of Canada Post and the U. S. Postal Service, finally receive the CD, eagerly cut open the packing, flip open the CD case, and find just empty space?

Well I just did, and now I must wait longer to receive the precious data that was supposed to be in the package. I'm half badly disappointed and half laughing. I'd rather just have the CD!
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Bombadier Bush

Regarding the story that Blair had to talk Bush out of bombing an
ally, Qatar, it seems to me that this should come as no shock. Do we
not remember the speech in which Bush announced (in different words)
that from then on we were operating by PNAC 'Pax Americana' rules?

Bush is the world's overlord. And, when a Bushist toady expressed
regret that Canada had forfeited its 'sovereignty', it was not just a
clumsy tongue. It's serious. Here is the 'Bush' doctrine: