November 30th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

About yesterday's 'Diagnose the Fruitcake'

Yesterday we played 'Diagnose the Fruitcake', that fruitcake being
Jesus II.

Listeners to The Majority Report may have noticed last night
that Sam Seder and Seymour Hersh, working from the same alleged
symptoms, chose different paths in 'Diagnose the Fruitcake'. Hersh, in
fact, said he would not agree to call Jesus II a fruitcake. But
that is a trifle; we here at The Crud Factory have a liberal
definition of 'fruitcake' that serves our purposes, not those of our
most esteemed journalists, who should use more conservative

In particular, we, The Crud Factory, do not require that the
fruitcake be psychotic; any 'mental' illness of sufficient severity
will suffice, as will severe states of so-called 'un-sanity', not
necessarily yet recognized as illnesses by psychiatrists. The
rubujsaĝulo ('roobooysaJOOlo', trashcan sage) himself is a basket of
fruitcakes, but they are rather edible fruitcakes, and more
importantly he is not sitting in the Oval Office.

Anyone aside from Jake and Elwood who believes himself to be
uniquely on a mission from 'God', and who sees ordinary events
as more evidence of this, and who refuses to allow in any contrary
evidence, is straying seriously into fruitcake territory. Actually if
Jake and Elwood did the latter two things they'd also be nuts. And
they weren't mass murderers. And surely they considered themselves
unique only in that they had the means to carry out the mission, and
so the Penguin had assigned the mission to them. They did not believe
themselves to be historic figures, as Jesus II believes about himself,
if the hearsay and inferences we get through Seymour Hersh and others
is to be believed.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

'You broke it, you fix it.'

'You broke it, you fix it.' This argument is given in favor of my
people, the people of the USA, keeping involved in Iraq. But the point
of 'You broke it, you fix it' is not that we should fix our mess with
our own hands; it is that we should pay for the repairs, which
in this case should be done by others where possible.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Gun Guys: 'Hunting and Kids Equals Tragedy'

Proponents of hunting try to paint it as “just another sport”– like biking, snowboarding, or even fishing. But hunting has one thing that those others do not: lethal weapons.

Very nice, except that baseball also is played with lethal weapons, camping is done with lethal weapons, woodwork is done with lethal weapons, cooking is done with lethal weapons, etc. I'm no fan of under-regulated gun use, and never have used a gun, but I don't cotton to the position, 'we don’t think anyone should be handling guns', and I don't like badly selected examples.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Skin failure update

Seeing as lots of people I know are reporting on their health, I figured I'd report on mine.

Monday was finally the day of the dermatology appointment that took a couple of months of waiting. As expected, the dermatologist wished me luck, said I could try an allergist but it probably wasn't an allegy, and wrote me a prescription for antihistamines. This is not really a bad result, it's just another chronic condition that won't kill me, and which I had all along anyway (except it had never flared up nearly that badly). I'm to continue with the three Claritin a day diet, plus now I have hydroxyzine I can use as needed. The condition has improved a lot, so maybe I'll be able to go off the Claritin (actually 'Wal-itin' from Walgreens).

I haven't been exercising except a few tries, since the flare-up, because exercise makes the hives worse. The dermatologist thought of this himself, without my raising the issue, and suggested taking a hydroxyzine prophylactically before the exercise. Maybe to avoid using up the hydroxyzine I could use non-prescription diphenhydramine much of the time.

The doctor examined the skin on my back and saw no signs of sun damage, stating that the few blemishes were probably inherited and/or stuff like that. It certainly isn't thanks to lack of sun or diligent use of sunblock when I was a kid, so it must be the goodness of my skin. It doesn't wrinkle much, either, so it's a good skin, except it's also a bad skin because of those other things.

I told the dermatologist I had a cold and I sure sounded like it, but it got better almost immediately and more fully than a cold would seem to do, so I think it may have just been a temporary manifestation of fibromyalgia. I get that a lot, and don't know what else to blame. I think it may have been triggered by this TMJ pain I've been having lately, which gives me a sore throat.