December 9th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Bomb lies?

Does anyone have any evidence that anyone except the air marshals
heard anything about a 'bomb'? I'm listening to Randi Rhodes, seems
maybe no one except the air marshals 'remembers' hearing anything
about a bomb.

The Bushist-Blairist police state is more dangerous to us than

Only in part because it creates and enables those very terrorists.

My new FontPlay gallery

I have created a 'FontPlay' gallery, which is a way for a font collector to show off his or her fonts. See for more info and many examples. I also have re-styled my ScrapBook galleries.

The galleries are here:

In the FontPlay gallery, the images are named after the font or fonts used. Here is an example:

GeosansLight GeosansLight

GeosansLight by Manfred Klein:

Photo: Barry Schwartz. Delaware Water Gap, 1991