December 21st, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Why I am not an 'independent' like Bernie Sanders

[I think e-mail posting is broken again, dammit.]

I just heard Bernie Sanders poo-poo the notion of impeaching Jesus II,
and giving the argument that you would just get Blofeld and if not him
then Beetle-Man. Instead, Sanders says we (who's that mean, him and
Jim Jeffords?) have got to take power in the Congress.

What a petty and careless attitude about our institutions. 'We' have
to take control so we can push 'our' programs, damn the
institutions. Let's just try to take control of Congress and so
mitigate our institutional decay, suggests Bernie Sanders.

What an asshole. You do want to take control, but you want to do so in
large part so you can investigate and impeach the traitors and
so show what it means to have a constitution and bill of rights.