January 16th, 2006

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The Enabling Act: it was already passed

I've been waiting a few years expecting Bush to request the passage of an Enabling Act, which is what Hitler did when he became dictator, but I just realized that ours was already passed. More precisely, Bush is claiming that the resolution allowing use of force against Iraq if it resisted inspections (which it did not) is nothing less than an Enabling Act. Supposedly it made him 'Commander-in-Chief' (in Bushist language, a euphemism for dictator) and thus made him above the law in a way that is quite close to what Hitler's Enabling Act did for Hitler.

He may only be securing the dictatorship on behalf of the Bushist Arbeiterspartei generally, unlike Hitler who was securing it for himself. But this is definitely what's going on; Bush is definitely asserting that he has an Enabling Act, and the Diane Feinsteins are indicating that they are willing to accept that. That's part of what makes Al Gore a jackass, that instead of talking about that he wants to recite a litany of quotations from actual, serious, risk-taking armed revolutionaries of the 18th century, in a typical Democratic 'There is Cause for Concern' speech. (They should just print up a generic one and use that each time.)
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Uniting against tyranny

We are at the point where, in a figurative, exaggerated way, we must team up even with a Stalin, to preserve our republic. Fortunately, in the actual, unexaggerated world, who we have to team up with is not a Stalin, but the Clinton-impeacher Bob Barr. He is for now our ally and friend. I welcome Democrats—and everyone else—to join with us. Let us make this a pact.

I think that right now the overriding importance in choice of candidates should be whether or not they will join us in removing this tyranny of Bushism, by constitutional, peaceful means unless impossible. I suspect that in this case, unlike 1974, we will have to go all the way to conviction in the Senate. Richard Nixon was a tyrant, but in this case we are dealing with no individual tyrant, rather a tyrannical national political party funded by crime. We must take Congress away from them, after which they must be removed from the White House; and they must be removed before they can instigate a war to suspend the impeachment and trial. Then afterwards we must have a reconciliation with the Republican rank and file and together re-establish the United States constitution.

We will figure out what to do about the corrupted judiciary later. It will be like a cancer constantly threatening to metastasize.