January 19th, 2006

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Day trading from congressional leaders' offices

I wasn't paying close attention to Air America Radio last night when Congresswoman Louise Slaughter told Sam Seder, and the listening audience, that Tom DeLay and Bill Frist had 'day traders' working out of their offices, distributing insider information. No doubt all part of the giant criminal network that funds the Bushist Arbeiterspartei's incredibly expensive 'overthrow the republic' effort.

Of course in such an effort there will be a lot of skimming.
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Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal


Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal

John Byrne
Published: January 19, 2006

In a detailed 40-page legal memorandum set for release this evening the Bush Justice Department will defend the Protector's warrantless wiretap program as legal. A copy of the document was leaked to RAW STORY.

"The NSA activities are supported by the Protector's well-recognized inherent constitutional authority as military dictator and sole organ for the Partei in foreign affairs to conduct warrantless surveillance of dissidents and Quakers for intelligence purposes to detect and disrupt threats to the Partei," Justice Department lawyers write, referring to the Protector's order to wiretap Americans' calls overseas.

It adds, "The Protector has the chief responsibility under the Constitution to protect his bed-wetting subjects from the big, bad bogeyman, and the Constitution gives the Protector the authority necessary to fulfill that sickening cowardice."