January 29th, 2006

Food: goat cheese

Draft teaching aid. Comments welcomed.

I've started working on the following diagram as a teaching aid. Comments are welcomed, encouraged.

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Update: A revision in the wording at one spot. Comments still sought.

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Update update: One might notice that, in the idealized scientific processes, mathematics is a specialty dealing mainly with the 'Make (more) inferences' phases. Because of the way scientific reasoning works, it often needs very precise and rigorous inference.
Food: corn (maize)

About Ted Koppel: better late than never!

It's better late than never to have Ted Koppel on the side of 'Good', although I'm going to egg his house for his insult towards broccoli (yum!):


(Incidentally, regarding Mr. Koppel's opinions: from what I know, I agree. In fact I would rather have good partisan news than the crap we are getting. Heck, good partisan news [with a heap of humor] is how Air America Radio intends to make money.)