February 7th, 2006

Apollo 4 on column of fire

A simple lesson for senators

When Alberto Gonzalez, not under oath, refused to answer questions, senators who loved their country should all have gotten up and walked out, saying they refused to participate in such a farce. By not getting up and walking out, they communicate that they are okay with participating in a farce—an elaborate play meant to give the appearance of 'democracy', when actually the dictator and his ministers are making all the decisions.

We took another step towards being a dictatorship, yesterday.

Age milestones

Myself and my father are at ages, where mine in years is 2/3 of his. Equivalently, I am at the age my father was at, when I was half his age. My mother was some months older than my father, so the same situation would have existed, but for a shorter while before she turned 67.

Next milestone is to have the same age that my youngest grandparent had when I was born. That would be 48, which I'll reach in a little less than three and a half years.