February 16th, 2006


Why Bush cannot pronounce 'Abu Ghraib'

Why cannot Bush pronounce 'Abu Ghraib'? I hypothesize two main reasons. The first is psychiatric: Bush is anxious about his torture camps. This is why he also brought up the Int'l Criminal Court twice during the sham 'debates', without anyone having to ask him about it. The other reason is that Bush cannot read well. He has poorly hidden dyslexia, and so learns words by their sound rather than spellings, and doesn't learn from sounds well, either. This is also why he thought a word was 'disassemble', when the actual word was 'dissemble'.

Interestingly the standard smokescreen for Bush's dyslexia is his brother Neil's confirmed dyslexia. Not only does Neil Bush have publicly announced dyslexia, so that the failure to announce Bush's dyslexia (probably not officially diagnosed) 'implies' he reads fine, but the story actually says that George W. Bush was the one who brought Neil's dyslexia to his parents' attention. Oh, that George! What a cut-up.
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How did birdshot get through Harry Whittington's cold-weather clothing to hit him good in the chest? Or did this pellet migrate to his heart from the neck?