March 30th, 2006

Apollo 4 on column of fire


I was just leafing through the font specimen PDFs I’ve made recently, and just noticed that Manfred Klein’s free ‘PragRoman’ is a font for the same typeface (Oldřich Menhart’s ‘Manuscript’ roman) as I’ve been en-font-ing.


I might never have noticed the sameness if I hadn’t made the PDFs. Now I know that the ‘Prag-’ must be for the city of Prague.

The first digitization of this typeface was probably the one made by the late Franko Luin, creator of many free e-books in Slovenian and Esperanto. It was through Luin’s work that I discovered the typeface.

It’s a difficult face to digitize as carefully as I have been doing, so I’ll probably put it aside and work on something else. No doubt Manfred’s needs some work, but it is not a useful enough typeface. I’ve been learning a lot, but at the price of making myself sick. Well, I only have to keep my ‘mind’ off matters for another week and a half, until my Social Security hearing…
My last words

How many bops to the head does it take?

I am getting really tired of people saying that steel frame buildings don’t collapse like the World Trade Center, so it must have been rigged for demolition. How many bats to the ears does it take to accept that the twin towers were not steel-frame buildings like, say, the Empire State Building. They were tube shaped with a central spindle. The towers fell straight because the floors slid down along those spindles. You can even see the south tower start to topple over sideways then spring back to verticle, as the tube collapsed on one side and then the central spindle sprang back.

It was very nicely shown by an old episode of Nova entitled Why the Towers Fell, which is available through WGBH, by the way.

A fatal flaw in the design of the towers is that the fireproofing applied to the steel structure wasn’t sticky enough, and came off during the impacts. Thus the steel had no protection from the fires and inevitably would soften and fail. In the south tower the tube snapped on one side, whereas in the north tower what probably gave way first were the attachments of floors to the central spindle-like structure, so the antenna tower starts falling visibly just before the sides of the building do.