June 6th, 2006

band-aid tooth

A big sale on Ray Larabie’s pay fonts

Typodermic, i.e., Ray and Rina Larabie, are having a fantastic but very brief sale on 51 Typodermic font families, over at http://myfonts.com. Note that Typodermic also has volume discounts.

MyFonts is also where Ray Larabie posts latest revisions of his free LarabieFonts, plus a few of the Typodermic fonts are also free, so at least you can stock up on those (after registering with MyFonts). Though I guess you can do that anytime, sale or no sale. :)

I have no connection with the Larabies, except as customer and as a frequent LarabieFonts and Typodermic fonts user.

BonvenoCF-Light font updated / tiparo ĝisdatigita

I have fixed an optical illusion in the x and X of BonvenoCF: http://chemoelectric.livejournal.com/233255.html. Also, thanks to improvements in fontforge, the font file is much smaller.

Mi riparis optikan iluzion en la iksoj de BonvenoCF: http://chemoelectric.livejournal.com/233255.html. Ankaŭ, pro plibonigita tipdesegna programo, la tipardosiero estas multe malpli ampleksa.