July 18th, 2006

The Moody Jews: Days of Future Passover

Pre-release of the first e-booklet in a ‘Legends of the Jews’ series

Thanks to what we used to call ‘expiration of copyright’, when it still existed, and despite its chief editor ending up putting his right wrist in a brace, The Crud Factory is able to bring you the first in series of e-booklets relating Jewish mythology, ‘The Creation of the World’:


This is a ‘pre-release’, meaning I haven’t proofread it, and corrections are sought.
Kiel teni junulinon for de ŝia ĉela tele

Swiftboating: John Kerry’s legacy

On the Al Franken radio program just now, Norm Ornstein said that swiftboating is to be standard practice now of the Bushist Nazi wannabes, and that in particularly Bob Menendez is about to be swiftboated with a totally false ‘documentary’ video.

Who to blame? John F. Kerry, that’s who. John Dean warned everyone, and that would include Kerry, about the importance of Kerry suing the Swiftboat Liars, as a deterent to future swiftboating. Kerry isn’t suing, and no doubt would fear people might say ‘bad’ things about him if he did. (Dean, who is a big Barry Goldwater fan, also related that in 1965 Goldwater did sue some people who swiftboated him in 1964.)

What a disappointing milquetoast John Kerry has become. Where is the courageous youth?