August 9th, 2006

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What to do in Connecticut?

The Bushist Arbeiterspartei is now looking for someone other than a sacrificial lamb to run for Senate in Connecticut. The best choice is obvious: Joseph Lieberman. What a highest order jackass.
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Accusing a marathon runner of running a marathon

My favorite political advisor, The Rude Pundit, merely hints at what I believe is an important thing to learn from the Lamont victory. The boldface (or however you have <strong> configured) is mine:

Now Lieberman has the stink of loser on him. His concession speech was the last gasp of the man with cement shoes sinking into Long Island Sound, vowing impotent vengeance on those who did him in. Accusing someone of "partisan politics" in a party's primary is not unlike accusing a marathon runner of running a marathon.

Joe Lieberman was insufficiently partisan, but was only the most vulnerably so. Let’s hope the message gets across. Polling won’t necessarily support greater partisanship, but it’s about the character of the partisans; the Democrats lack sufficient fortitude. It should have been the Democratic leadership that whipped Joe Lieberman’s self-serving ass.
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The trouble with Joseph Lieberman

My favorite usually-posting-once-a-day blogger currently is Joy Tomme. (My favorite overall is Bojo.) Here’s what Joy Tomme says today about Joseph Lieberman:

It’s the flawed judgment of Joseph Lieberman that defeated Joseph Lieberman.

And to prove that fact, Lieberman has decided to run as an Independent in November. He would rather take whatever constituency he may still have and throw those votes away than act like a man with class and integrity. A man devoted to truth, honesty and high ethical standards would support the party that backed and financed his career in the Senate for 18 years.

But a turncoat putz would do exactly what Joseph Lieberman is doing. The Democrat Party should kick him off of every committee he is on and strip him of every position he holds.

Because as of yesterday, Joseph Lieberman has no place in the Democrat Party. Let him become the Secretary of Defense under the Bush administration.
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Jeff Cohen: Lamont's Victory -- A Media Defeat | BuzzFlash

So the defeat of Lieberman is not just a victory for grassroots
politics and independent media, but a rejection of mainstream
punditry. It's a far cry from the Iowa presidential caucuses of 2004,
when a media and Beltway drumbeat of "weak on defense" and "hot under
the collar" helped defeat Howard Dean's insurgent campaign.

But Howard Dean was a little too hot under the collar. I
observed it myself, independently. He was frequently flushing red and
had a tendency to say things that a less ‘emotional’ candidate might
have held in reserve (such as when he accidentally embraced the
Confederate battle flag).