September 7th, 2006

Bojo’s wisdom takes my breath away

A radio program critic speaks

I don’t know about others, but I for one feel joy in life returning, now that Mike Malloy is gone from the Air America Radio lineup. He used to be my favorite, but that was before Malloy was jumping from every shadow, thinking it was Karl Rove. It’s really kind of sad. Plus it got old for Malloy to go into a rage so quickly when a right wing freak would call the program, and for Malloy to blame the freak for this, his own problem. (One time it happened on a ‘kid’s call-ins only’ night, and knowing he had a kid on the other end Malloy did not go into a rage, and certainly did not go on the shooting spree he frequently bragged of being so close to going on.)

I don’t like this sometime substitute Jon Elliot, though; he mumbles into the microphone and has too much ‘I’m so great’ hype in his program. The substitute I prefer is Peter Werbe. If Malloy’s slogan was ‘Finish your day screaming’, with Werbe the slogan became ‘Finish your day calm and collected despite it all’. Actually I would like round the clock Sam Seder, punctuated on the half hour by Al Franken sketches and Randi Rhodes bouncing to Bette Midler, but Seder has a family now and so can’t do that sort of thing. Work around the clock, I mean, though he doesn’t bounce well, either.
Sepia 1990

The goals of Bushist propaganda and ‘surprises’ (updated)

Remember, if you are a person who in no way would vote for the Bushist traitors, then the goal of the Bushist propaganda is to dishearten you and make you feel hopeless, so that you will not enthusiastically (as fighter pilots say) let it all hang out. This is what armies try to do to their opponents. I feel it myself, but resist it; I repeat to myself what the Army Survival Manual advises: ‘You will survive.’ Destruction of morale is part of what has been done to Democrats over the years, in part by themselves, for instance making John Kerry weak (while a private career demanding his clients’ rights in civil court made John Edwards strong).

I say these things as a confirmed ‘defensive pessimist’, not as someone who always looks on the bright side. I am speaking as a pessimist, who expects the election to be stolen through fraud, intimidation, voter purges, and more, not all of it in plain view. But if we American loyalists are to have any chance at all we must nullify the ‘psy-ops’ and let it all hang out. Propaganda works unconsciously; you can’t prevent that from happening, and you cannot rely on unconscious processes to combat it; you must combat it consciously, and you must try to help others do the same. We will survive.