October 31st, 2006

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Download Lynne Cheney's ‘erotic’ novel Sisters

On principle, download a copy of this book that dishonorable lying
liar Lynne ‘My Husband Shoots People in the Face and My Daughter’s
Sexual Orientation is Ineffable Although This Book is About It’
Cheney tried to suppress:


I have doubt whether it is erotic in practice. I have
heard readings from it.

(BTW in case you didn’t know, for certain advancements in rank
US Marines are required to read James Webb’s stuff, which is
being trashed by the dishonorable, unworthy ‘Republicans’.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Hoffmania!: Kerry to Noise Machine: "F*CK YOU!"

An excerpt from the original Hoffmania posting, with my comments in brackets:

Collapse )

[Tomorrow Keith Olbermann is going to deliver another Special Comment, addressing the Bushist ‘response’ to Mr. Kerry. His program runs from 7-8 and 11-12 Central Time (8-9 and 12-1 Eastern; Mountain and Pacific a mystery; Hawaiian, various Alaskan times, Atlantic, and oddball Newfoundland Time an even bigger mystery) on MSNBC.]
Apollo 4 on column of fire

My e-mail to Jon Elliot

Jon Elliot is on Air America Radio right now, angry and accusing John
Kerry of ‘blowing’ ‘it’. Here is the e-mail I wrote to him just before
turning the program off (because it’s such an ugly sight what he’s

Subject: The only thing worse than John Kerry's bad jokes ...
To: jon ĉe jonelliottshow punkto com


The only thing worse than John Kerry's bad jokes is Democrats who
react with and spread bad morale when one of their ‘guys’ takes a
Bushist bullet. Maybe Kerry’s the least competent ‘soldier’ in the
Democratic ‘army’, and maybe he’s done terrible things in the past
(particularly his failure to sue the Swift Boat liars), but stopping
to curse Kerry for being ‘shot’? Stopping to curse a fellow ‘soldier’,
and cursing him for cursing the people who shot him? So he was the
most likely to be ‘shot’, in this case because he’s clumsy, what of
it? He’s been ‘shot’; give him comfort and swear to get the people who
‘shot’ him.

- - Barry