November 14th, 2006

Ha ha!


I sunk a lot of time three-plus years ago into reporting on Tom DeLay's corrupt, but ultimately successful mid-decade redistricting in Texas. So we shouldn't get too far past the 2006 election without noting that DeLay's work has turned out to be a pretty big disaster for his state of Texas.

The whole gambit was intended to solidify the GOP majority in the House. And it accounted for the meager Republican House pick-ups in the 2004 election. But now that the GOP House majority is no more, the 2003 redistricting plan has left Texas with virtually no one with much seniority in the new majority party.

As this piece in the Star-Telegram explained on Sunday, Texas would have been in line to have three committee chairman in the 110th Congress. Now it will probably have none.

—Josh Marshall