November 28th, 2006

Parolu pli laŭte!

New greeting card / Nova festkarto

New at The Crud Factory, a ‘Thank you for the food’ card in Esperanto, but usable by anyone:

This card is the first I’ve done using Inkscape, as opposed to Scribus. Inkscape is better suited to the task.

Min plaĉas montri novan, esperantlingvan karton ĉe La Rubejplenigejo, dirantan ‘Dankon pro la manĝaĵoj’:

Ĉi tiu karto estas la unua, kiun mi faris per Inkscape anstataŭ Scribus. Inkscape estas pli taŭga por la tasko.

Religious Right to Obama: Drop Dead


(It’s no secret that I agree with Big Tent on ‘negatively branding’ the ‘Republican’ Party, although I prefer gelding to branding, and I would adopt what I call the Lying Skunk doctrine (a/k/a the Powell doctrine), meaning we hit them with overwhelming ‘negative branding’ and ‘positive gelding’ (making it clear to Joe Lieberman that he will be richly rewarded for remaining loyal to the Democrats [and thereby also to Democrats in all but name like me and Bernie Sanders :) ]).)