January 14th, 2007


Somebody tell Air America Radio

Somebody tell the Air America Radio news department that offering yourself explicitly as a scapegoat is not an admission of guilt—that indeed it is a claim of innocence—and of martyrdom.

But that’s our potatoe-head. Ain’t he just fabulous!
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The ironic situation of Legitimate President Bush

Here is the situation in which George Herbert Walker Bush finds himself: to rescue the name ‘Bush’ from historical infamy, he must publicly oppose his son.

There are at least two reasons he will not do this. First, even if he realizes his situation, President Bush will find it too difficult to break the habit of covering up ‘untidy’ matters, as opposed to exposing them on purpose; thus he will continue to try to give his son an ‘honorable’ escape. The second reason is fear of his wife’s abusive reaction.

If I were George H W Bush I’d probably go ahead and join the public opposition, because of the importance of this opposition and the gravity I’d be giving it.