May 23rd, 2007

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Olbermann’s special comment on Democratic betrayal


Note: Olbermann accidentally says ‘monomaniacal’, which means unable to get off one topic, when he probably meant ‘megalomaniacal’, which means that Bush thinks he ought to be treated like some kind of minor deity.

But Olbermann gets that there is something wrong with Bush, he gets that Bush would deprive the troops to bully Congress (I myself don’t rule out that complete funding cutoff wouldn’t make Bush bring them home), and Olbermann gets that the Democrats were sent to Washington with orders which they are not carrying out. They were not sent to Washington to be Democrats, but mainly to be occupation-enders.

But it is good that they should learn this the hard way, if they are teachable at all, so they can see they didn’t win because they were clever partisans but because the other guys would not obey the public’s orders—which now also the Dems will not obey—and if Dems are not teachable, then we must figure out what to do about them, but it is better this happen sooner rather than later.

Update: On Air America Radio earlier today, Thom Hartmann gave another point of view, that by dragging out the occupation Democrats ensure Republican defeat in 2008 and so this is perhaps the greater good. Maybe. It’s something to consider. I’m not sure he actually endorses it.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

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Apollo 4 on column of fire

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