June 14th, 2007

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Noodler’s ink

Bad news for you check tamperers that read this LJ, I’m trying out Noodler’s ‘Bulletproof’ ink. Reacts with paper so it’s indelible without fountain-pen-destroying shellac. I just loaded my Stipula 22 with Polar Blue, figuring that pen could use a dose of the lubricating ink.

I have yet to decide in what to try the non-lubricating but handsomely colored and amusingly labeled Iraqi Indigo. Maybe I should use that to write a campaign donation in the amount of $1 to former Mayor Coleman (not to be confused with the current, unrelated, and contrastingly non-‘evil’ Mayor Coleman).
worship the phone

Glenn Greenwald on twisted ‘man-culture’

See http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2007/06/14/matthews/

Perhaps we could say that to be a ‘real’ manly man you have to not complain so much about holding your wife’s or girlfriend’s pocketbook. I mean except for the two-ton weight of the thing, that’s worth complaining about if only for the poor woman’s own health. If you were to use a dolly or forklift to hold the pocketbook, that would be too Rush Limbaugh-like, so it’s best to let yourself collapse under the weight, and then harassingly point out that the same thing will happen to your wife/girlfriend if she doesn’t do something about the pocketbooky stuffedness.