June 22nd, 2007

Food: pork chops

For my next stunt …

Now that I have made my latest e-book and so am not working on that stuff for a few days, it becomes apparent how much that work pushed me physically past the end of the safe zone. Seriously, it’s been bad.

This is why for my next stunt I’m thinking of doing something closely related but ‘much less ambitious’: Milton’s Paradise Lost. :)

(Actually the blank verse probably will be easier, because it mostly eliminates the line-breaking problem, although it still leaves page-breaking problems.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Adam and Eve is available at the Crud Factory

Adam and Eve is in stock, but how long before it runs out? See http://lit.crudfactory.com/

As I have mentioned once before, I’m looking to relocate the Crud Factory to different web hosting. I’m looking most likely either for free hosting or for a site where I would get free or extremely cheap hosting as part of transferring my domain registration there. (I would transfer just crudfactory.com, not chemoelectric.org.) Any suggestions?