October 4th, 2007

Apollo 4 on column of fire

One of the creepiest things about Peter Pace

To me it is especially creepy that General Pace, in his recent testimony, repeatedly cited that he was raised that way as ‘justification’ for his beliefs. This from a prominent adult, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and said without embarrassment. That the beliefs are retrograde and false is merely a corollary, when you have a person of such stature who, without embarrassment, cites his childhood indoctrination as evidence of the (in all probability false) ‘fact’.
band-aid tooth

Paradise Lost: Book IX

I’ve edited Book 9 of Paradise Lost, and while most of it was easy a part was not so: there was a missing line and other lines were out of order. This really isn’t too surprising, because at least at one point my main source was the oldest known e-text, from the 1960s, and it probably began life as decks of Hollerith cards, or similar.

Partly for my pure entertainment and partly for kerning adjustments, I created this one in a recently obtained and massively broken font family. I have repaired and effectively enhanced only the regular-weight roman, so far. The enhancements are mostly an instance of a ‘virtual font’ capacity I have added to my code, which makes a set of closely related conventional Type 1 fonts (roman, small caps, ligatures, oldstyle figures, divided up into multiple fonts) appear as if they were a single OpenType font. Roughly the same mechanism has existed as part of TeX since the late 1980s, an essential part nowadays, so it’s not an original idea at all.

The things needing fixing included near total botching of glyph names and encoding, in one smallcaps font. Oy! It hurt my hand to fix that. (Though once the glyph names were set straight it was just a button push to fix the encoding. I’m sure you know what I am talking about....)

Get the text here (with Books X to XII still unedited): http://crudfactory.com/ParadiseLost.pdf