October 18th, 2007

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A hold on telecom amnesty

Chris Dodd just put a hold on the telecoms-liable-to-the-tune-of-billions-of-dollars-for-domestic-spy-collaboration amnesty bill, and I immediately rewarded his presidential campaign with a small contribution, as suggested by Glenn Greenwald.

People might remember that I dumped John Edwards recently on account of his lack of clarity on ending the Iraq occupation. Heck, what lack of clarity? What he said was effectively that he would continue it. I had to make a choice then: Kucinich or Dodd. Kucinich isn’t going to be elected President, so I chose Dodd.
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Purple is good

I dislike piercing, thoroughly detest tatoo (at no point in my life have I found it attractive), but unusual hair color I like like like. And purple is good, though my stylist would not be at all a happy camper.

Your Hair Should Be Purple

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