December 2nd, 2007


Astounding moments in ‘Republican’ sham ‘debate’ history

Astounding moment #1. Asked how they would improve the US’s relations with the world’s Moslems, the candidates respectively respond that they would attack the Moslems and wage war against them.

Astounding moment (b). Asked if they believe every word in the Bible held by a screeching forest monkey, the candidates all fail, even Mike Huckabee, to snatch and rescue the Good Book before the monkey smears feces on the cover and urinates on the pages.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I have made it into Luc’s voluminous lists

I have Devroyulated:

I wonder what sort of scientist I am to be considered. I would like to be considered a jobbing scientist, if anything. It is true that I have been given thanks in a footnote in at least one probably peer-reviewed physics paper, in some optics journal.

Update: I just remembered that I self-identify as a ‘Mad Scientist’ at deviantART.