December 7th, 2007

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Somebody send the white coats to get Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes is going totally bonkers and making herself barely tolerable, which has to be some kind of decline, since I never felt anything like that way before the last few months. Now she is claiming, on the basis of her superior mentation, that it was George H W Bush that picked Dick Cheney as VP, in a scheme to, I don’t know, to ship drugs for the Queen of England, let’s say. Whatever it is, the scheme is proceeding according to design, I think. I’m not sure.

Her grasp of facts is as usual infirm: today she has repeatedly referred to Ronald Reagan as a deeply religious man who always attended church but (unlike Willard Mitt Romney) didn’t wear his religion on his sleeve—she means George H W Bush, not Ronald Reagan, who stayed away from church, at least during his legitimate presidency. The point is valid, however, and this slightly-wrong-facts problem is nothing new or intolerable.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Nancy Pelosi’s depravity

Watch Olbermann’s special comment and reflect on the depravity of Nancy Pelosi should she continue to discourage impeachment-oriented investigation of the mentally extremely ill and thoroughly criminal usurper, or her cowardice and dishonest rationalization should she continue choosing to ‘honor’ any ‘deal’ she made with this faithless sociopath.

And she dares call herself a leader, as opposed to the ‘advocates’ who protest against her mis-rule! And the caucus that keeps her is a coalition of the corrupt and the timid.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Conspiracy theory as a troubled relationship with authority figures

I have the last couple of days realized a feature of conspiracy theorism. In many cases, at least, it is almost plainly a manifestation of pathologically poor relation to authority figures. What these people are doing is choosing the theory available to them that symbolizes the greatest defiance of authority, even if the theory is far too stupid for a person of their caliber. (9/11 theories are easily among the stupidest theories ever devised.)

It is worth noting well that in this manner they are exhibiting only symbols of defiance, which is not actual defiance, at least as long as we are in a society (which ours still is) in which no governmental harm will befall one for embracing a conspiracy theory.