December 8th, 2007

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Old notes

Interesting to see that this note made into a 15th-century book ends with ‘(?)’:

Unfortunately my Latin is more than rusty, which is flattering myself, because I was a terrible student—plus that note isn’t in the world’s best handwriting :) (Actually I think it is good enough.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Regarding the mental health of Mike Malloy

These posts about the psychic condition of liberal talk radio hosts are of limited interest, I suppose, especially since liberal talk radio hosts aren’t anywhere near as outlandish as the Michael Savages (Ohmigod!), the Bill O’Reillys, the Rush Limbaughs. Anyway, on to the posting....

Mike Malloy thinks he has an anger problem. I don’t think he has an anger problem. He’s angry, but he has plenty to be angry about, and I am angry, too, about similar things, but I don’t have his type of problems. His anger isn’t pathological. I think he is depressed. On some days his depression manifests as melancholy, and he comes to the radio and questions whether he can handle his job, his life, his sanity; but on other days it manifests as rageful agitation. Malloy thinks he swings between anger and depression, but I think his anger is ‘normal’ and what he is swinging between is one aspect of depression and another aspect of depression. There is no surprise to me that counseling never helped him with his problem; he needs to find an antidepressant drug that works for him, and he needs to be treated for constant, ongoing depression.

Mike Malloy also has a serious, pathological problem with authority figures. He is one of the people I have observed whose poor relation to authority figures manifests as support for conspiracy theories. In Malloy’s case, he goes straight for stupidest of stupid conspiracy theories, insulting his own intellect. I think he unconsciously goes specifically to stupid theories, much as a young pupil might defy the teacher by doing poor schoolwork.

And we found out today, thanks to his wife/producer’s observations of him, that Malloy often speaks with a venomous tone to store clerks and whoever, while his self-observation is that he sounds pleasant. I’ve encountered that kind of thing before; I think it may be another consequence of an unconscious drive to rebel against authority.

Unfortunately, psychotherapists and psychiatrists are authority figures.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Hillary Rodham Clinton recently said she brought a buddy with her, but it turned out to be her mother. I thought she might have resurrected their dog.

Poor Buddy. We have a picture of him on our refrigerator. Bill is in the picture, too, all dressed up, but of course they had to include him to get Buddy to sit still.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Current projects

Something must be keeping me from finishing Paradise Lost, eh? :) Actually I’m likely to do Book XII soon, call it ‘done’, and only add front and back matter later when I’ve written paragraph handling code in ocaml because I felt like doing that.

These days I’m taking advantage of Raph Levien’s patent pending ‘Spiro’ technology to design fonts with much less work than conventional methods. I have a small handful of fonts at various early stages of development, but the one I’m most inclined to actually finish is Ĉielarko (= Rainbow) based on type used to print Isaac Newton’s ‘Opticks’:

Collapse )

Originally I was going to call it ‘Treatise’ but Ĉielarko seems more apropos. I don’t know who cut the type; the printers were a Smith and Walford who styled themself Printers to the Royal Society. Not all of the work is printed in this same typeface, which I found to be enticingly quirky (along with its italic).

Actually I might put an Aldine I started doing out there as just a set of capitals, and call that ‘finished’. I’m inclined to just start again rather than take my already-done stuff further, and I’ve found a better scan of ‘Hypnerotomachia Poliphili’ (Aldine Press, 1499). To our good luck it was a big seller in its day, which you wouldn’t expect of a book about some kind of nymphal sex tour, would you?