January 7th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Holy crap

Randi Rhodes just likened Barack Obama’s Iowa victory speech to those speeches Al Gore is now known for.

Holy crap. Obama’s speech was practically information-free, and she likens it to those laser-like, content-rich speeches of Al Gore. And she says Obama speaking gives her the same prickly feeling as Gore speaking.

Obama knows where her happy buttons are, and she has no training in resistance. Obama’s speech makes me feel ‘nothing’, which is what people ought to feel when spoken to in that way. It’s as if your spouse told you ‘I see love before me as a shining beacon’ instead of ‘I love you’. Al Gore’s speeches of the last few years, by contrast, I have liked very much, and they are beyond admirable. They are of a different type, not just a different degree.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Hillary Clinton is fully cooked and ready to serve

Kristy informs me that Hillary Clinton used the ‘Vote for me or die’ line this afternoon. She’s roasted to the center; the Restoration president is going to be John Edwards or Barack Obama.

(Clinton’s campaign people are a bunch of clowns, she is short of cash, but above all she is threatening to sic al Qaeda on us. She’s done, finished.)