February 12th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire


Adobe Reader 8 for Linux is out and about and now I know why my PDFs looked crappy in Adobe Reader 8 for Windows: Reader now has different settings for CRT and liquid crystal displays, and CRT is the default.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I just turned on AAR ...

... and Randi Rhodes is furious about the ‘backroom dealing’ that is threatening to leave some states without delegates, and superdelegates overthrowing primary results.

I do not know whether she has made the connection to the ‘brokered convention’ she was so desperate to have. She doesn’t deal well with complication. I think it is more due to ‘emotional’ factors than ‘stupidity’—it is easier for her to disspell anxiety in a world of words such as ‘brokered convention’, words having all and only what a dictionary definition entails, than in a world with actual brokering, which is ugly and divisive.

Let it be a lesson.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

One of the things Obama won’t succeed in changing

To be sure, achieving this took some time. When Bill Frist was running the Senate and Pat Roberts was in charge of the Intelligence Committee, Bush and Cheney couldn't get this done (the same FISA and amnesty bill that the Senate will pass today stalled in the 2006 Senate). They had to wait until the Senate belonged (nominally) to Harry Reid and, more importantly, Jay Rockefeller was installed as Committee Chairman, and then -- and only then -- were they able to push the Senate to bequeath to them and their lawbreaking allies full-scale protection from investigation and immunity from the consequences of their lawbreaking.

That's really the most extraordinary aspect of all of this, if one really thinks about it -- it isn't merely that the Democratic Senate failed to investigate or bring about accountability for the clearest and more brazen acts of lawbreaking in the Bush administration, although that is true. Far beyond that, once in power, they are eagerly and aggressively taking affirmative steps -- extraordinary steps -- to protect Bush officials. While still knowing virtually nothing about what they did, they are acting to legalize Bush's illegal spying programs and put an end to all pending investigations and efforts to uncover what happened.

Actually Obama won’t even try to change this, if his past behavior is a guide. Obama has been busy channeling Joe Lieberman when he could have been, and decidedly wasn’t, leading on spying and telecom liability.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Antonin Scalia and torture

I hope, in my imagination, that when Antonin Scalia dies he does so slowly and in a round-the-clock agony that can only be quelled by something he helped outlaw: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/178199.php

I also hope he is visited only by people who mock him and take advantage of his weak condition.

Mind you, this is something I merely imagine, for my personal comfort.

I take less imaginary comfort in the fact that Antonin Scalia shall not be resurrected, as he perhaps truly believes he will be. When Antonin Scalia is gone, he will live only through his legacy of lawlessness and contempt.