February 21st, 2008

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Barack Obama getting specific

I’m listening to the replay of ‘Lionel’ on the Air America stream, and he is pointing out that lately Obama is starting to speak in so-called ‘specifics’. I think I noticed this, too, though I don’t spend a lot of time listening to speeches. Lots of people were quite annoyed and so the Obama campaign must have noticed—especially once Hillary Clinton was one of those complaining. :)

Also Big Tent Democrat asked whether the ‘reaching out’ Obama could ‘negatively brand’ John McCain and the Bushist Arbeiterspartei, and I figured as follows. I had no idea how Obama could ‘negatively brand’ the Bushist Arbeiterspartei—it’s a big challenge, given the resemblance of the existing brand to the NSDAP—but I did point out that Obama had done a good job of ‘negatively branding’ Hillary Clinton, by getting her to do it to herself; I asserted moreover that John McCain seemed susceptible to similar methods.

It’s going to get ugly, but perhaps a handsome man can shine amidst the filth, including the old PNACi troll who has no dignity.

Mike Malloy was climbing the walls of his radio studio Wednesday evening because of the thing that Bill O’Reilly said about ‘lynching’ Michelle Obama. There was much talk of threats to life but in the context it was an ugly metaphor and so the police, if you reported O’Reilly, probably would politely ask you to calm down and live with it. I felt that the Obamas have to have the opportunity to fight their own battles; I also felt that running to the authorities would seem like a weakness (google for Josh Marshall’s formulation of the ‘bitch-slap theory’ of Bushist politics); and I felt that the best response to such stuff would be witty rejoinders. Obama does have a history of good witty rejoinders, and I hope he develops this skill, because he is going to need it badly. Because I think you and I can guess why the Bushist lie-merchant Mark McKinnon has decided he just cannot be involved in what Obama soon will have coming at him.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Listening on c-span radio stream

Thanks to http://c-span.org, I am listening to a confident Barack Obama sham "debate" a timid, shaky Hillary Clinton whose answers to the questions have sucked IMO.

Actually her tone is a little like that of Mr. Burns when he was running for governor of the state that Springfield is in. Obama sounds more like John Kerry did in his sham "debates" with Bush; Kerry was confident, though of course it didn’t last.

Could this be the end? Are we stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again?

Oh, and I’m also designing ogoneks.
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Uh oh

Hillary Clinton seems to be sailing between the goalposts with a bootprint on her behind. It’s not pretty. For example she just ‘attacked’ Barack Obama by calling him an eloquent speaker.
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A suggestion to add

Obama sounds more confident and mature when speaking in more of what people are calling ‘specific’ language. For example the ‘Kumbaya schtick’, as Big Tent Democrat calls it, actually makes sense now that Obama is talking specifically about how Hillary Clinton has a proven record of running a health-care task force in such a way as to polarize people, and that the process of creating the legislation is important.

Ms. Clinton has lost her temper BTW.

Now she’s recovered it but her voice is hoarser.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Office decoration

At the finish of the sham ‘debate’, Hillary Clinton sounded as if she was thinking about how to rearrange the furniture in her Senate office.