February 29th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

‘Republican’ operatives are calling in to liberal talk radio shows

Yup, there are Bushists out there calling up liberal talk radio shows and trying to spread nonsense about Barack Obama. I’ve noticed these for the last week or two. Today one called in to Sam Seder, who was substituting for Randi Rhodes (who is on the Air America cruise to the Mexican Riviera), and Sam had some fun with this Bushist fearmonger, who was so clueless about the program to which she was calling that she seemed never to figure out she was talking to a Sam and not some guy named Randy.

I wonder whether this is volunteer or paid activity. :) The nonsense she delivered was the usual stuff about Barack Obama being, perhaps, an agent of al-Qaeda. Nothing to panic about. (Indeed, if it had been Barack Obama being swiftboated, rather than John Kerry, it might well have been George W. Bush who wound up torn to shreds by the Swiftboat Liars.)