March 6th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Oh, god ... (updated)

Thom Hartmann is using BOGUS relationship theory to argue that Hillary Clinton has ‘hit below the belt’ and so the ‘Dream Ticket’ is a bad idea now.

This is what I would call ‘divorce counseling’ rather than ‘marriage counseling’. This is nonsense.

Update: Bogus marriage counseling being an urgent matter, especially when espoused by someone who has done counseling and might do it again, I took the extreme measure of sending Mr. Hartmann an e-mail. He is not a big time e-mail reader.

Basically, if I were Obama, and Hillary Clinton had done the race-baiting, had said that John McCain was better than I was, had implied I might be an al-Qaeda terrorist in disguise, etc., and someone said to me ‘How can you have her as your running mate after all that?’, I would reply, ‘Why not? I mean, that stuff bugs me, sure, and I think it was very, very bad and shouldn’t have been done, but I am resilient and don’t like to hold grudges. Most of us, indeed, are more resilient than we may think.’
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Hillary Clinton is making Americans ill

Earlier today I pointed out on that, although (in agreement with Big Tent) the continuing primary campaign isn’t the big deal some people think it is because McCain is getting a free ride, nevertheless the uncertainty is making Americans ill. And, as if to prove my point, for the first time in his radio career Nova-M’s Jeff Farias took no calls, because he just didn’t want to talk about the primaries. I was listening to Farias in the first place because Air America’s Rachel Maddow (who normally does not take calls) was expressing her own anxiety—about McCain getting a free ride and Democrats destroying each other, but really about uncertainty—but she treated the situation as if Clinton and Obama were equally responsible, and I didn’t want to listen to such crap.

Because it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault. It’s Hillary Clinton making Americans ill with anxiety. For example, she has continued to say that McCain is better than Obama; in fact, she’s gotten a little more straightforward about it, if anything. I expect her one day to argue that she should be the nominee because she has given McCain so much ammo to use against Obama.

BTW I agree with P. M. Carpenter ( and thus disagree with Big Tent at TalkLeft, who thinks that Obama not beating Clinton in the big states (except Illinois and Georgia) means Obama would be weak in those states versus McCain. Big Tent is channeling Phil ‘No Room in the Majors for a .500 Pitcher’ Rizutto, or maybe he is in psychic link with Jack Welch, who thinks you can improve the quality of a workforce by repeatedly ranking your workers and firing the lowest ranked. (Or has Welch done us the favor yet of leaving this world?... Nope, apparently not.)