March 13th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Disappointment over reactions to the Special Comment

BuzzFlash calls Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment ‘scathing’. Sam Seder at the AAR blog calls it a ‘KO’.

I want to know what Special Comment they were watching. In the one I saw, Keith Olbermann informed Senator Clinton that she had, unwittingly, gotten herself deep in kim-chee, and he explained what she needs to do to get out, and Olbermann was correct.

Which is an answer to the petulance of Big Tent Democrat over at, who decided ahead of time to pay no attention to the Special Comment because, supposedly, Olbermann was simply doing his part of a general MSNBC effort to undermine Hillary Clinton. So what? Even if unwittingly, what Olbermann said was correct: Clinton was indeed in the kim-chee, and to get out she needed to do what Olbermann suggested. (It wasn’t done unwittingly, however, because Keith Olbermann will lend a helping hand even to someone he might personally dislike.)

The kim-chee was indeed deep, given that Jon Elliot, he says, got not a single call or e-mail of protest after being tough on Clinton Tuesday night (though I myself didn’t listen to that show).

(BTW I love actual kim-chee.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I’m so scared!

I’m so terrified that I just wet my armor. Somebody give those patriotic telecoms lawsuit immunity before we all get killed because the patriotic telecoms wouldn’t do their patriotic duty!
Apollo 4 on column of fire

If I were in the presidential race (not just in my imagination)

If I were in the presidential race (not just in my imagination with Robert Wexler as my running mate without knowing about it and with cyouintea to be Secretary of State and barking_iguana as Secretary of Education or HHS and with Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi (‘crazy nutso life out of balance’) as the current campaign theme music), I suppose Hillary Clinton would have to play the ‘Self-Hating Jew’ card. Just a Jew card wouldn’t do, because that’s part of her base, but she doesn’t have the huge advantage of being an actual atheist Jew officially determined to be unable to get and keep any job in a competitive market, and she would need to counter that.

At least I have my ticket ethnically balanced, having Robert Wexler as my, um .... Never mind. But he does balance my North with his South (Palm Beach County, which is very far south, look at a map). And he adds considerable experience, because he was born in January of 1961, while I was born only in July of 1961 (while Barack Obama is merely a green sprout, having been born in August of 1961).

(It’s really interesting to see this posting underneath the LJ’s inevitably temporary ‘Obama-Clinton’ title banner.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

What gets me is ...

What gets me is that when Hillary Clinton says she is ‘ready on day one’, she actually means that her husband is ‘ready on day one’. I mean, surely this is what she means, because there is nothing to back up the claim otherwise, and she surely is counting her time as First Lady, a traditional ceremonial post as consort of the head of the state, and not as any kind of head of government. Her husband headed the government, not she; it is he who would be ready. The picture I get is Hillary Clinton constantly turning to Bill for his experience; by that I mean this is my picture of her own picture of herself as President.

I think it would be a lot better to have a woman as candidate whose husband was not former President of the United States, and who had confidence in herself, rather than confidence in her husband. Carol Mosely Braun, for example, who ran on her own (though I guess she didn’t get very far :) but not for lack of appeal to me).
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Went for a walk

I went for my first walk of the season, during major snowmelt. Saw a robin, the harbinger of spring. My leg feels a little better now, thanks to the walk, but only a little better. My vision is still blurred in my left eye, I think, though ever more slightly. I'm going to have to change ‘up to three days’ to ‘up to several days’. I'm continuing to get frequent migraines, but haven’t had more cluster headache attacks--yet.

Enjoying having a more natural appetite level, however.