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March 21st, 2008

The Richardson endorsement

Bill Richardson endorsing Barack Obama—that must feel good in the Clinton camp.

I imagine that Richardson did exactly what I would have done, were I a superdelegate, which is to wait for the re-votes to go down in flames, and then endorse Obama. If so, will the Obamation end with Richardson?


Embedded deviantART goodness!

Erin by *chemoelectric on deviantART

‘Hillary Clinton, please drop out!’

She’s getting straightforward advice from Bill Richardson to drop the f*** out, and she’s getting hints from DNC leadership.

So, will she do it, or does she prefer to fight to the death and leave herself a political corpse?

Political comedy

See http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/184931.php

You can’t make that stuff up, it wouldn’t seem real. :)

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    In case it matters, the most recent confirmed lahar is about 500 years ago, but there were mixed reports of eruptions in the late 1800s.
  • 25 Mar 2014, 01:20
    Pretty low until you jinxed them.
  • 25 Mar 2014, 01:01
    What would you estimate the odds to be of it happening in the next 200 years?
  • 27 Jan 2014, 06:22
    Thinking about it further, I think I now understand. You're saying the WSJ is being antisemitic, not the people they're quoting.

    I don't think they'd listen to it coming from us, but a…
  • 27 Jan 2014, 06:09
    I'm not noticing it either. Seems to me they *are* being assholes to Jews, but only moreso than anybody else if we happen to be in the way. I think that's gneral-purpose assholery, not…
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