March 24th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Thom Hartmann has descended to hypocrisy

Thom Hartmann just mocked (complete with goofy voice) pundits claiming that the Hillary-driven in-fighting is making the candidates stronger, adding that, no, it’s making John McCain stronger. Actually he treated Obama and Clinton equally, after having corrected himself earlier by saying, no, actually it’s all Hillary. Meanwhile, for a few weeks now the network or one of the stations I have been streaming has been using Thom Hartmann’s own ‘Hillary’s campaign of filth is making making both candidates stronger’ passage, as a promo.

Moronically, he is calling on both candidates to turn their attention to McCain and be positive about each other; okay, I’ll bet Obama would go for that, but how are you going to make Hillary comply? Hartmann has such a reputation for ‘intelligence’, but his ‘intelligence’ is wasted because of his serious confusion of words and ‘things’—as in his confusion of ‘candidate’, which may focus on McCain, and the un-speakable (not able to be spoken) living woman, Hillary Clinton, who will attack Barack Obama.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Hillary Clinton has made herself an easy target

I can see it already, because, unlike Al Gore, Hillary Clinton has been lying about her experience for real.

The argument that she’s immune to smear attacks because they’ve already thrown everything at her, years before, is wrong in part because Hillary Clinton has been supplying new material. In fact, this material is better than the older stuff, because—unlike ‘She murdered Vince Foster’, etc.—this new stuff has a factual basis.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Why did it take me so long to decide that Rachel Maddow is an idiot not worth the aggravation she gives me, given the option of listening to Jeff Farias or bad music instead? I fear it’s actually that Maddow has gotten worse since becoming a darling of cable TV ‘news’.

Even when the passage of days ends Rachel’s insistence on blaming Barack Obama for Hillary Clinton’s poop-tossing, there will remain the constant failure to get to the point, and the smarminess of the delivery of that point, and there will remain the obvious retort to her point: No shit, Sherlock!

A problem with doing your doctorate in prison AIDS policies is that, if graduate school is anything like undergraduate school in such topics, you can easily bullshit your way through it without realizing you are bullshitting; moreover you have been trained, unwittingly, in skills for bullshitting. You are left in perfect condition for television punditry, if you choose that route, and then you may never be able to recover your full humanity.

Poor Rachel! :)