March 25th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Hillary is going straight for the wingnut vote in Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton goes to a Richard Mellon Scaife rag to call Jeremiah Wright’s hyperbolic love speech ‘hate speech’ and to lie that she would have quit that church had she had belonged to it, which she wouldn’t have done in the first place, for fear that people would think she was—shoo the children away so this won’t terrify them—Black!

Hillary Clinton BTW has consorted religion-wise with such paragons of virtue as Rick Santorum:

All pantsuit discussion invitations are cancelled, in case that wasn’t clear already. Instead it’s discussion of faith and science with the very likable Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Bill O’Reilly is welcome to join us and report on how Pastor Wright uses a knife and fork and napkin, and doesn’t slurp his soup or call anybody a mofo.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Used Epson Perfection 2450 Photo (updated)

I bought a used Epson scanner from some guy in the area of Houston, because this scanner has complete support in free (as in ‘libre’) software. Newer scanners tend to require a ‘closed-source’ module, if they have any support at all; I’d rather avoid that, and hopefully the resolution of this scanner will give me enough magnification (of printing, in particular). The scanner arrived with the carriage unlocked but seems to have taken no damage. But damn-it the thing wouldn’t work. Finally in the wee hours I found just the right page, where successful Ubuntu GNU/Linux users of this scanner say that something is wrong with the USB 2.0 in the scanner, and you need to use USB 1.10 hardware, or Firewire. So Kristy and I went to Target to get a Firewire cable. Doesn’t work out of the box, but I discovered that with Firewire the scanner will show up as if it were a SCSI device, and that I needed to build the generic SCSI driver (Gentoo is an OS for people who like to do that sort of thing themselves). Seems to work with both ‘libre’ software and the trial edition of Vuescan.


On my old computer I had an actual SCSI connection to my scanner, so I was familiar with the generic SCSI driver for use with scanners.

This ‘new’ scanner produces much better pictures than my old one, at a given resolution.

Now to start scanning type specimens....

Oh, also I discovered that there is now GNU ocrad for ‘libre’ OCR. There was already GOCR, but in the one case I tried ocrad did a better job. I’m reluctant to start OCR work again, though, because in the past digitizing books has been bad for my hands, due to all the correction and tagging work.

Update: On a different occasion, gocr did better than ocrad did. Trial version of Vuescan did an awful job by comparison, and froze up afterwards.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Tipsy Bill

Saw some video of Bill Clinton speaking, and he looked and sounded drunk.

Hillary has the deer in the headlights look.

Party leaders are planning to pull the plug, I think.