March 27th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The superdelegates are revolting

From Brent Budowsky yesterday (

Growing Superdelegate Outrage At Clinton Tactics (Brent Budowsky)

I predict that sooner than people expect there will be major movement among leading superdelegates who are uncommitted toward Barack Obama.

It is increasingly clear to them, as it has long been clear to me, that the Clinton strategy of wrecking ball, personal destruction poses an increasing danger that McCain wins the White House and Democrats are hurt in House and Senate elections.

Stay tuned, I will have more to say on this soon, and predict we will see public evidence of superdelegate movement to Obama and against Clinton within a time period measured in days, not weeks.

I am detecting a significant “behind the scenes” change, in the last 48-72 hours, from a growing number of superdelegates who want the Clinton carnage to end and will soon be moved to action.

What is called the Tonya Harding strategy by Clinton will soon drive superdelegates to action to end a campaign that has now become destructive and dangerous for all Democrats.
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Apollo 4 on column of fire

Hillary’s fundraising ability

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s fundraising ability is negative both for herself and the Democratic Party:

There is too much noise about what Hillary Clinton is doing for me to disagree with Brent Budowsky that there is going to be a collective move to bring this nightmare to an end. It isn’t just the idea of a nomination battle, but the context in which it is taking place, the context of 2008 specifically—not 1968, not 1980, but 2008, where people are in power who would turn Barry Goldwater’s stomach, and who make Nixon look virtuous, and where the ‘Republican’ nominee is even crazier than that, and where the ‘Republican’ Party itself is unrecognizable (and thus must be put between quote marks).
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Brent Budowsky probably was right

Superdelegates are coming out this morning to tell Clinton to cut the crap. Not to drop out, but to cut the crap.

What gets me also is how so many people, including budding TV pundit Rachel Maddow (to whom I don’t listen, anymore) complain about ‘both candidates’ doing the crap, but then whenever I hear a quote from Obama he is talking about John McCain. What so awful has he been saying about Clinton? I haven’t heard it.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Sam Seder (subbing for The Goddess [Randi]) just re-played some CBS audio reporting of Hillary’s big lie about her visit to Bosnia, and it was absolutely Hillarious.

Mitt Romney invented his life, too, but had the sense to get out and claim he was doing for party unity.

I never expected this. Really, I thought she was a better person than she is. The same goes for Bill Clinton. They just are lower quality people than I had thought, who send out the husband of a top Bushist word-thug to claim that the Democratic nominee is a Judas. (They also are labeling him a Librul!)

It really doesn’t seem possible anymore for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination by any method other than slaying Barack Obama, because she has reached the stage where continued negative campaigning is going to bring her numbers down more than her opponent’s. Her terrified, angered superdelegates are telling her, basically, to campaign against McCain, let all the remaining primaries happen, and then lose gracefully.

It’s too bad her husband is a jackass, because a better one could have helped her through her defeat, while this asinine one made matters worse. But I guess they are matched to each other. If only they would just go away and live a happy, well matched life together out of public view.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Political prisoner to be released

Former Democratic governor Don Siegelman of Alabama, a political prisoner of the Bushists, is, I just heard, going to be released on bond and will testify before Congress.

I do not exaggerate in calling Siegelman a political prisoner. The judge was even in on it, failing to release a transcript of the trial, so that Siegelman could not file an appeal. If I remember correctly, he was charge, essentially, with doing political favors in exchange for nothing. This came after his re-election was blatantly stolen—Google it if you want the shocking details—and he had the nerve to complain about it in public.

Not too long the Bushists down in Alabama arrested a second Democratic political prisoner. They came and got her out of the shower at home. She is being charged with not having put in enough hours at work.

The Siegelman case is one of the potential routes to prison for Karl Rove and friends. Actually it probably is inseparable from the attorney firings scandal; the attorneys who were fired were the ones that wouldn’t take political prisoners or do other stuff like that.

I guess the judge must have been frightened into finally releasing that transcript. Siegelman most likely will win his appeal, or eventually have the charges dropped, I’m going to guess.