March 30th, 2008


So who do Virginians like more, Hillary Clinton or Satan?


Also, Howard Dean is calling for superdelegates to end this debacle by July 1:

Hillary Clinton would never marry a really, really great husband—that is, me—because most likely I would give her a choice between dropping out or seeing me endorse Obama. This doesn’t cause problems for my actual wife, though, because she doesn’t get into these sorts of messes. :)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

A difference in style

Which way of putting it seems more pleasant and supportive?—

"As this primary has gone on a little bit long, there have been people who've been voicing some frustration," Obama said.

"I want everybody to understand that this has been a great contest, great for America. It's engaged and involved people like never before. I think it's terrific that Senator Clinton's supporters have been as passionate as my supporters have been because that makes the people invested and engaged in this process, and I am absolutely confident that when this primary season is over Democrats will be united."

Clinton's husband, the former president, said Sunday that those voicing concern about the duration of the nomination fight should just "chill out" and let the race run its course.

What is it with Bill Clinton and his ‘shut up’s, ‘how dare you’s, and ‘chill out’s? I feel better with Obama’s ‘I want everyone to understand’.