May 10th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

A robin nesting on the door

There seems to be a robin building a nest on the window ledge above the next-door neighbors’ door. I think it might be taking advantage of a light rain. Will the neighbors tape a picture of a kitten to the window, as I did many years ago on our equivalent?

I did it in reaction to sparrows or the like. I like birds but they should go stand in the shrubs and trees rather than on my door.

An American Robin is a fairly large bird, however, so I didn’t expect to see one on anyone’s window ledge, whether building or not.

Mallards do like to stand on the peaks of our roofs in the development, but when I see one on a window ledge I’ll have seen everything there is possible to see, and more. :)


So, Rutgers is a ‘Public Ivy’:

Okay, that’s not a shocker, although the EE department wasn’t exactly educational nirvana when I was there, especially during my undergraduate years, in which we had an embarrassing shortage of both teachers and facilities.

What makes this interesting to me, though, is that Rutgers also was an original ‘Ivy League’ school, though the athletic grouping was less formal in those days and Rutgers later drifted in a completely different direction:

I can’t say I favor the athletic direction that Rutgers has taken, although it does help keep the school in the news (not always in a good way, thanks to Imus), but if I had my own university to steer I would take it in a Rutgers direction rather than a Princeton one. In fact, I say we build some missile silos on campus in Piscataway and use them to nuke Princeton.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Soon this will all be over

My original and main reason for supporting Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, when no one else was remaining, was the expectation that Clintons would damage the party, though at the time I was thinking more of the further selling out to oligarchs, which Hillary Clinton was in the process of doing, and not of race-baiting sore-loserhood in team with Richard Mellon Scaife, which she ended up doing. (I was going to mention Faux News after Scaife, but then I remembered that Rupert Murdoch was already one of the oligarchs that had purchased Hillary Clinton’s presidential services.)

Surprisingly, it turns out that Bill Clinton actually has been advertising his own contributions to the destruction of the Democratic Party:

Idaho Dems miffed at Bill Clinton's comments

Idaho Democrats sounded off Wednesday against former President Bill Clinton and his campaign comments about Gem State politics.

Clinton, while campaigning in Indiana for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, was quoted in national media as saying she would "bag" No Child Left Behind laws.

"Every time I say this, it's a guaranteed applause line," he said. "You can drop me in the middle of Idaho where there's not a Democrat in 200 miles and an elk would applaud me on that."

Idaho Democrats called Clinton's comments an insult. They said the state party is making a comeback - after suffering setbacks during Clinton's two terms in office.

"If Bill Clinton had done for elk in Idaho everything he did for Democrats, we'd have far fewer elk," said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Keith Roark - an uncommitted superdelegate - Wednesday morning....

Mind you, I figure Bill doesn’t realize how badly he has blown his post-presidential stature, or how precarious was his reputation within the post-DLC Democratic Party.