May 23rd, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Senator Clumsy-Tongue goes there (updated)

Another example of Senator Clinton's lack of facility with the English tongue:

I suppose it hasn’t occurred to Clinton that, if she suspended her campaign and the not-to-be-mentioned event occurred, she would be in a about as good a position as she is—maybe better, because I certainly wouldn’t want her to get it after all this crap she has been flinging monkey-fashion.

Now Clinton has issued a non-apologetic non-apology.

Update: Well, it seems that now she has personally apologized to the Kennedy family. However, has she apologized to Barack Obama?
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Robert F. Kennedy

One of my memories from childhood is going to the tracks at about Jersey Avenue and Route 1 to watch the funeral train go by carrying Bobby Kennedy from New York down to Washington. I remember a guy telling us all to stand back and that a girl had been hit already; is this part a true memory?

I also remember going to the grave site in Arlington, during a family vacation.