June 7th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Democratic Unity Day

I declare today Democratic Unity Day in the Rubujo. Let’s gather in a circle and sing Kumbaaya (while the Republicans can gather into their own circle and sing the Horst Wessel Song).

Maybe I’ll go make a small contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to help pay off the debt.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I’ve given to Hillary’s campaign, now :)

I waited till she dropped out, but I’ve now given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign without yet having given to Obama’s. :)

It’s not my first small presidential campaign contribution this year, however. I gave at least once and I think twice to Chris Dodd, in reward for individual good acts.

Other than that I’ve given small contributions in congressional races, including Cindy Sheehan and, less whimsically, Donna Edwards, who then successfully ‘primaried out’ a bad Democrat—who then, like a Republican, resigned to become a lobbyist! So there will be a special election later this month. I think I gave to one other Democratic primary challenger on an incumbent bad Democrat, at the same time as Edwards.

Also I rewarded the DNC with a small contribution when it adopted Obama’s funding rules. At least I think I did; I’ve been a little muddleheaded lately due to tornado weather.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Misreporting about Al Franken

Some have been reporting that Al Franken has secured the Democratic nomination for Senate in Minnesota. This is not the case. What Franken has gotten is the endorsement of the party convention. If no one in the party opposes him, he will be the Democratic candidate; but if there is opposition (unlikely in this case), Franken will have to win an open primary election, which I think would be in September.

Back in 2002 the Green Party endorsee for Senate, Ed McGaa, was defeated in a primary, due to buyer’s remorse. The Greens did not realize until it was almost too late that they had endorsed not just a Native American ‘spiritual’ writer, but also a right wing militarist. :) It’s what a cynic would have expected the Greens to do.

In the mid ’90s the Republican endorsee for governor, Allen Quist, was thoroughly crushed, torn to shreds, and finely pulverized in a primary, by incumbent and inexplicably very popular governor Arne Carlson; in that case Christian theocrats had gotten control of the Republican convention, apparently by flooding caucuses with their zombie-like, dead-fish-odored carcasses, but the Republican Party was (unfortunately) saved from itself by the system.