July 12th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Opera soon to support webfonts, I think

A barebones Opera testbed with support for webfonts: http://labs.opera.com/news/2008/03/28/

In other words, it can download and use (properly licensed) designer-chosen fonts on demand, without installing those fonts or needing them installed. I am waiting for the ‘real’ Opera to support webfonts before I redesign The Crud Factory.

Some test pages for webfonts: http://www.princexml.com/howcome/2008/webfonts/

If you use the latest Safari then you already have webfonts support. I assume that Firefox and Seamonkey will support webfonts eventually, due to user demand.

All current Crud Factory fonts are okay to use as webfonts. :)

PS: Internet Exploder has long had (or used to have) webfonts support, but in a Microsofty way that guaranteed no one would use the support. Perhaps billg thought it was cool, though.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Obama wooing the big money

See http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-veep12-2008jul12,0,3540067.story for stuff about Obama using Bill Clinton as the excuse for why Hillary won’t be the running mate. Presumably Obama is trying to lure in, among others, those big money donors who had bought Hillary Clinton, and now feel their purchase has been stolen. Making it easier to seem sincere would be that Obama probably wouldn’t terribly mind HRC as running mate if it weren’t for WJC.

However, there is WJC.

Brent Budowsky has said that Hillary and Bill have very different visions of HRC’s future, but AFAIK Brent still hasn’t undraped this latest of his works of gossip.

Obama is going to need that big money, now that he has endangered his small money. Look at it this way: If Obama had blocked the FISA-gutting bill behind the scenes and I had found out about that, Obama would now have a quite reasonable bit of my money; instead he has none of it, but I have given more to defeat bad Democrats (including Steny Hoyer in 2010) and have pledged to put money into the August 8 money bomb.

I mean, what did he think was going to happen? And I’m not one of those he has left badly disillusioned (as he inevitably would); imagine how they feel now. Early money is like yeast, yes, so Obama had better shape up quickly, or he’s risking the future of his nation.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The Rule of Law

Glenn Greenwald:

This is what a country becomes when it decides that it will not live under the rule of law, when it communicates to its political leaders that they are free to do whatever they want -- including breaking our laws -- and there will be no consequences. There are two choices and only two choices for every country -- live under the rule of law or live under the rule of men. We've collectively decided that our most powerful political leaders are not bound by our laws -- that when they break the law, there will be no consequences. We've thus become a country which lives under the proverbial "rule of men" -- that is literally true, with no hyperbole needed -- and Mayer's revelations are nothing more than the inevitable by-product of that choice.

That's why this ongoing, well-intentioned debate that Andrew Sullivan is having with himself and his readers over whether "torture is worse than illegal, warrantless eavesdropping" is so misplaced, and it's also why those who are dismissing as "an overblown distraction" the anger generated by last week's Congressional protection of surveillance lawbreakers are so deeply misguided. Things like "torture" and "illegal eavesdropping" can't be compared as though they're separate, competing policies. They are rooted in the same framework of lawlessness. The same rationale that justifies one is what justifies the other. Endorsing one is to endorse all of it.

In fact, none of the scandals of radicalism and criminality which we've learned about over the last seven years -- including the creation of this illegal torture regime -- can be viewed in isolation. They're all by-products of the country that we've become in the post-9/11 era, primarily as a result of our collective decision to exempt our Government leaders from the rule of law; to acquiesce to the manipulative claim that we can only be Safe if we allow our Leaders to be free from consequences when they commit crimes; and to demonize advocates of the rule of law as -- to use Larry Lessig's mindless, reactionary clichés -- shrill, Leftist "hysterics" who need to "get off [their] high horse(s)".

That is the mentality that has allowed the Bush administration to engage in this profound assault on our national character, to violate our laws at will. Our political and media elite have acquiesced to all of this when they weren't cheering it all on. Those who object to it, who argue that these abuses of political power are dangerous in the extreme and that we cannot tolerate deliberate government lawbreaking, are dismissed as shrill Leftist hysterics.

Yours truly:

I should like to point out that a better point to mark the beginning of the reign of lawlessness than 9/11/2001 is 12/12/2000.

Of course we had the beginnings long before that, but September the 12th is when lawlessness truly took hold. Everything since has followed from that.

Especially when you consider that the crimes being covered up occurred both after and before 9/11. I tried to warn people that 12/12 was going to unravel the nation, and here we are. All you needed to know is that the Felonious Five would never have given the White House to Al Gore, had his role been reversed with Bush’s. Once you admit that, then no rationalization, legal, historical, or practical, can justify what the Five did. Thus, when we didn’t treat the Five as traitors, the way we should have and still should, and so impeached them, removed them, and, most importantly, tarred and feathered them (metaphorically ...), we were establishing ourselves on a course of lawlessness and anti-democracy, and we only now may be managing to back up and try again.

It wouldn’t be fair to blame this all on Al Gore for his surrendering to the Felonious Five. Gore has said the next step would have had to be a revolution, but what that means, in the context I have provided here, is that the political elite—politicians, journalists, newsmodels, corporate creatures, etc.—would have stood with the Five. If they had stood with Gore, no revolution would have been necessary; Congress, having final say on who gets into the electoral college, would simply have refused to recognize the Five’s decision, and would have impeached and removed those hellfreaks. What we got instead was the revolution.

(What Congress would have to have done about the Florida legislature’s threatened coup is harder to say, except that it probably wouldn’t have been attempted if there hadn’t been a lawlessness revolution. There would have been plenty of tar and feathers left over for Florida legislators, after the Five had been dealt with.)
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Mirror test and a big rabbit (updated)

An interesting Wiki article on the Mirror Test: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_test

I’ve lived with a dog that showed curiosity and confusion about its own reflection, and another that ignored it. It might be that the first was a muttly retriever and needed better eyesight than the other, which was a muttly sheep dog. Sheep are big and obvious, compared to floating duck carcasses.

The other thing I want to note is that I have discovered that a massive cottontail is burrowed right up against the outside of my computer room. I had seen the burrow yesterday, in a corner of the concrete crawlspace wall, and wondered whether it was really a burrow or what else the hole could be. I went to investigate the hole some more today, while going to get the mail from the mailbox, and then as I had walked away to get the mail, and then moved forwards a bit to look back at the hole from around some shrubs, I saw the rabbit run away. I didn’t see it come out of the hole, but I’m making the inference that the rabbit and the hole have something to do with each other. :)

Postscript: Cottontails supposedly like to nest in shallow depressions, similarly to hares, and I know we’d had that in our yard in New Jersey, but Wikipedia’s article on Eastern Cottontails describes them as digging burrows. Otherwise I’m inclined to be confused. Maybe there is a dragon in that hole, rather than a rabbit....

Update: http://www.nsrl.ttu.edu/tmot1/sylvflor.htm:
These cottontails are active largely in the twilight hours and at night, when they venture to open pastures, meadows, or lawns to forage. They frequently live in the edges of towns and feed in gardens and flower beds. In the daytime they rest in beds in nearby thickets or in underground burrows and small culverts.
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Regarding my withholding of funds from the Obama campaign

If someone thinks I would withhold funds from Obama’s campaign even though to do that would seem to increase the chance that McCain (or the Bushist replacement candidate after McCain forgets his own name) would defeat Obama, then that someone is right. If McCain actually starts winning, then disaster aid may be necessary, but in the meanwhile I am not going to reward lawlessness and loserhood with donations. Lawfulness and winnerhood will get donations, if Obama walks away from the wicked path he is on.

BTW Jonathan Turley seems to have started calling for an international tribunal against the United States, like the one against Milosevic’s Yugoslavia (http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2008/07/12/torture/index.html). Turley says he didn’t think he would ever say such a thing, and he has been very patient to have waited this long, to where we now have incontrovertible evidence that the Democratic Congress is willing partner in the lawless torture regime that is that the United States Government.
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A suggestion

I suggest that all the new Major League baseball parks being built now, including the one here for the Twins, be built with fortified walls to keep out the ordinary people, who can be taken by schoolbus to AA and lower minor league parks instead, or to independent minor league ballparks.