August 15th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Man found dead in Denver with a pound of sodium cyanide


Okay, let me guess. He wanted to kill himself with cyanide, so he drove to Denver or Boulder where he figured he could buy some cyanide for gold mining. It turned out he had to buy sodium cyanide by the pound. Then he found a place to settle in and kill himself with his pound of sodium cyanide—which would not be difficult to do, although it is, let’s say, an irresponsible method; dropping a bit of this stuff into hydrochloric acid is how the California gas chamber works. (Some misguided fellow thought hydrogen cyanide gas would be relatively humane, and invented the gas chamber. Compared to breaking on the wheel, sure, it’s a lot more humane than breaking on the wheel. It’s probably much better than the brazen bull, too.)