September 7th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Far be it from me to spread rumors either true or false

Seeing as the McSamiacs have been spreading a fabricated rumor about the Dems throwing out American flags collected at Mile High—when the story seems more to be that the McSamiacs stole American flags from the Dems at Mile High, or received the stolen property—I wouldn’t want to do likewise and spread the perhaps not true story that Sarah Palin referred, in public, to Barack Obama as ‘Sambo’ and Hillary Clinton as ‘the bitch’, or that she calls the aboriginal peoples of Alaska ‘Arctic Arabs’.

(I love this excerpt:

“The GOP is kind of like organized crime up here,” an insurance agent in Anchorage who knows the Palin family, explained.
The GOP is an organized crime syndicate, at national and state levels, certainly including a state like Alaska. There is no ‘kind of like’ about it. Can we fix that? Fixing that is part of the great task before us.)