September 10th, 2008

band-aid tooth

More excuses to fund Obama

Obama isn’t pulling in the amounts of money expected, or so they say. Getting himself in trouble was another of my pre-rationalized reasons for me to start making donations.

I wonder if Obama is tuned in enough to realize that FISA-gutting is responsible for most of the unexpected decline in enthusiasm. If you ask people, they may not give that as the reason, or they may, but I can feel in my gut that it was a crucial moment—proof that Obama was capable and willing to treat people as less than people, on occasion—and I can’t be the only one to feel that crucial moment in my gut. Those sorts of gut feelings are strong unconscious or unformulated motivations.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Temporary name change

Old hands know the routine: The name of this blog, ‘La Rubujo’, is temporarily changed.

Somebody explain this to Obama, that he ought to redouble his efforts to call things ‘lipstick on a pig’. If they (supposedly) don’t like it, give them more of it; and the American people will be proud of you for doing that. This hasn’t sunk in even with Glenn Greenwald, but Josh Marshall gets it.

(I probably ought to work out something better for the future, but, as in the past, clicking on the heading takes you to a site related to the name change, rather than back to the blog itself.)