September 27th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

I really don’t think this debate was a draw

Never mind what the two candidates said about each other and the issues. I’m reading the body language, and there is no question, Obama was dominant. These last few days have all been, on the McCain-Obama front, Obama dominating McCain.

George W. Bush also found it easy to dominate McCain, and has done so for the last eight years; Bush is a dominating fellow, there is no doubt about it. No one tells him what to do; the likes of Cheney get what they want by whispering in Bush’s ear, by tapping into Bush’s dominating presence, not by telling him what to do.

One thing, about McCain’s staying in the prison camp in Vietnam. It has seemed to me for a while that McCain, unless he were a more forceful and self-assured personality (which isn’t always a good thing), would have had no real choice. He never would have been able to stand before his father or any number of people again; that was scarier than staying. McCain’s bravery in that place benefitted from his relative submissiveness.

Sarah Palin is another story. She has the same kind of ill-founded self-assurance that Bush Junior has. That’s not good, especially since she isn’t merely a phony end-timer, like Bush.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Air America Radio is promoting itself with a clip of Ron Reagan stating that ‘obviously’ Sarah Palin is going to be an attack dog.

Oops! Why don’t they edit that out?

I presume Reagan’s comment was based on Palin’s convention speech. A person reads a nasty speech off of teleprompters, and the speech thus confirms Reagan’s prior expectation that the VP candidate is going to be an attack dog. Obama picked an attack dog, so why not McCain? However, it is hard to believe that John McCain even knew what he was picking, and what he got was not an attack dog at all, but an astoundingly skillful purveyor of bullshit so pure that it ought to be put on display in a museum.

McCain was conned.